Focusing Data on Critical Business Needs

Posted by Dr Georgina Davis on 19-Apr-2016 09:23:18

Let's explore data opportunities both inside and outside your organisation which can provide opportunities to manage disruption, recognise new business and growth opportunities, and grow productivity at a time of increasing uncertainty and risk, to provide competitive advantage over your rivals.

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Waste Data Strategy in 500 Words

Posted by Sean Richards on 19-Jan-2016 09:00:00

Late last year we concluded our educational series on waste data strategy with Dr. Darren Perrin of Eunomia Research & Consulting, Dr. Mark Jackson of A.Prince Consulting and Chris Purchas of Tonkin + Taylor. If you missed any of these webinars, catch up with this quick summary of each deep dive into waste data.

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Topics: waste strategy, waste data, waste management, good data, waste planning, waste intelligence

What is Waste Intelligence and Why Should I Care?

Posted by Sean Richards on 16-Dec-2015 08:00:00
The waste industry is big. 4 billion tonnes of waste are created a year by OECD countries. Much of this waste goes into the ground – into landfill.  Effectively managing this waste is an expensive proposition. The global waste market is worth $1 trillion and is predicted to grow another $1 trillion over the next 5 years.  What's the answer to this looming crisis the World Bank says is bigger than climate change?
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Why Partnering with Microsoft Enables naus to Deliver a Scalable Cloud Solution

Posted by Robbie Calcutt on 01-Dec-2015 11:50:18
In order to deliver a complex and powerful data-centric Cloud offering to a global market, it is important to choose a strong Cloud-based infrastructure platform. It is critical in terms of both meeting the technical needs of the applications and the business requirements for our customers. Here are the top reasons why we chose Microsoft Azure.
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2 of the Biggest Impacts on Future Waste Creation – and they’re not what you think.

Posted by Simon Kalinowski on 24-Nov-2015 13:00:00

The waste industry is in the path of a looming storm – increasing waste, complex regulatory environments, disruptive technology and increasing costs. Cost efficiency and sustainability will require good planning. However, what happens when the planning doesn’t measure all that matters?

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NSW Study Gives Us Food for Thought

Posted by Sean Richards on 03-Nov-2015 10:00:00

The New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency (NSW EPA) recently released the findings of its first-of-a-kind community benchmark study of 1,200 residents.

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The 5 Challenges to Good Data in Waste

Posted by Darren Perrin on 23-Sep-2015 09:55:07

Although the importance of good quality, timely and accurate data is understood to be a prerequisite to achieving desired outcomes, as an industry we are still generally immature in the execution of such good practice.

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How naus Delivers Ongoing Value

Posted by Liz Hardie on 16-Sep-2015 08:30:00

There are 4 things that every IT professional wants to know before they implement new solutions for their organisation. Is this solution going to do what we need it to do? Is it competitively priced? Is it compatible with our current infrastructure and architecture? And last, is the vendor going to give me ongoing support?

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Creating an Efficient Market with Waste Intelligence

Posted by Simon Kalinowski on 08-Sep-2015 11:30:00

On 9th April 2015 we read that Australia had produced 53 million tonnes of waste. Fantastic information, except that it was from 2010-11 – 5 years ago! How relevant is this outdated data to decisions we are making today – decisions that affect the performance of our organisations tomorrow and the service we deliver our community.

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Why a Triangulated Approach to Waste Data Will Define Our Success

Posted by Darren Perrin on 18-Aug-2015 09:00:00

In a complex environment with multiple variables and a large number of participants, delivering a strategy that covers all areas affecting outcomes is challenging to say the least.

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